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Types of Drums

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Since long ago, people have been actively involved in coming up with ways to devise new ways to keep up a beat. With the long history of percussive inventions there has been a wide range of drums you can choose from. Despite that most of the tradition drums were made using natural materials such as gourd, animal skin, or bones, most of the modern drums tend to be made using synthetic materials. Below are some of the major types of drums.


Kit drums

Kit drums are the most popular fixture found in jazz bands to garage bands. One of the most important parts of kit drums is the snare drum sometimes referred as sliced bread in the percussion world. This drum creates its sound by use of tightened strands of plastic or metal known as snares that is stretched along the bottom side of the drumhead. By use of a jazz brush or drumsticks, it is possible for you to create wide range of sounds on the snare including the popular drum roll. Other drum kits include the tom-tom which is a non snared artificial drum and the low pitched drumroll played by use of a pedal kickstand. Continue reading