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Keyboard for beginners

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Keyboards have similar features to a piano; the only difference is that they are more compact and inexpensive compared to a larger piano. Ideally, keyboards are most suitable for beginners. It is recommended to purchase a keyboard with 61 keys as they are more affordable and acceptable for learning.

When you’ve chosen your keyboard, you may want to consider other extra tools that will help your learning experience. Tools such as a metronome, a stand and sticky keyboard note can ease their experience. Having a metronome will teach you to master the rhythm, timing, and tempo while the stand is useful for when you want to play your keyboard anywhere, and you can even use it in your future performance. The keyboard notes will help you familiarise with the notes.

One of the most important thing you must have is determination, consistency, commitment, and motivation. Without having the right mindset then you are likely to give up along the way or even at the beginning. Always make some time to practise during the week and make sure it is consistent as this will help you progress faster. Continue reading