5 Types of Guitars

If you have a dream of playing a guitar, there are different types of guitars in the market you can learn how to play. The development of musical knowledge and technology has enhanced the development of different models of guitars that produce different types of sounds and can be used to play different genres of music. The development of the different kings of guitars has played a great role in revolution of music in all parts of the world. This article provides you with some of the most common types of guitars.

Nylon string guitar

This is one of the simplest types of guitar you can learn to play. Most people start with nylon string guitar because it is not only easy to play, but also more cost effective compared to many other types. It is made using a design that has a wide fret board that has the ability to accommodate your fingers that are not used to playing the guitar. In addition to this, the nylon strings are also easier to play on your fingertips that might be aching. They are great to learn with and you can turn to be a professional guitarist with it very fast.

Steel string acoustic guitar

This type of a guitar is also known as acoustic guitar. It has steel string that come in all kinds of makes, not just the steel one. They are brighter and louder and make this type of guitar more versatile to play. It has the ability to play all genres of music including rock, folk, jazz and others. A perfect acoustic guitar is enjoyable to play and it is possible for you to play any type of style of modern music.

Electric guitar

Electric guitars offer a lot of fun when playing. It is not hard to learn how to play this type of guitar because they have a low string action. The narrow fret boards require that you have high level skills, so that you can allow precise fingering and prevent muting some of its strings.

Flamenco guitar

This is a type of nylon string guitar that is used solely to play flamenco music. It has a lot of similarities with the classical guitar in its design. However, it is small in size, lighter and makes use of some different woods. The major difference is the sound which is more percussive and the strings are set low, thus allowing you to play fast in an easier way.

Electric bass

This type of guitar is almost the same as the electric guitar, but there are two major distinctions between them. It contains four strings and the strings are thicker and have a low pitch than the regular guitar. The four strings are tuned to similar notes just like the four bottom strings of the regular guitar. However, they are one octave lower compared to the regular guitars. You also need to have some few special techniques in order to play electric bass guitar. It is easier to learn how to play the chords and lead solos in the electric base guitar.

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