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How Musicians Can Increase Their Tips

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MusicianMusicians who perform in the streets, gigs or festivals rely on the tips they earn to help them pay their bills and continue doing what they love best. If you’re one of the many talented musicians who need help on how to attract people to give you more tips, we’ve got you covered. Try to incorporate the following methods to help you increase the chance of earning more tips from your audiences.

Introduce your self

It’s a basic method, but there are still many bands and artists who forget to introduce themselves before they start performing. Make sure you let the audience know who you are by providing your name or your band name.

Sell your CD

Why not sell something at your gig? You can earn more by letting your audience know that your music is available in CDs. You’re more likely to make more money this way.

Chat with your fans

Look for audiences who are enjoying your music and chat with them directly. Fans love to be recognised by musicians they like. Try to remember their name and treat them like a friend that you’ve known for a long time. You’re more likely to get support from them, and better yet, they may add an extra tip.

Thank your audiences

After your performance, say thank you to all audiences who have taken the time to watch you perform. Be personal and honest and people are more likely to relate to you and respond when you ask for tips.

Give something in return

People want to get their money’s worth. Make sure that you give something in return. It could mean changing it up and putting on a show for your audience. You can even give your viewers a little gift, and this could be as small as a sticker or giving them a discount to buy your music.

Tips for Beginners Who Wants a Career in Music

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music artistHaving a career in the music industry is a lot more achievable now compared to the olden days. Previously, musicians would either need to be discovered in a local gig or wait to get noticed by a musical promoter who can help them kick-start their career.

However, in today’s society, everything has changed. Musical artists can now promote themselves and their music in many ways. It just means they have to become a musician, promoter and business person all at the same time. Although achieving success requires hard work and patience, knowing that you did it all by yourself is a great reward.

For any musical artists who are just getting started and wants to become successful in their field, it’s important to know a few things to make it in the music industry.

Be Unique

There are many artists out there who are competing for the same thing. The only way you can make it through is by being different. So when you think of creating music, it’s important to put your flavour and style on it. Ever noticed that your favourite bands have their flare? Don’t try to imitate other bands but try to mix music that has inspired you and make it your own.

Take It Seriously

Although creating music is fun, it’s important to take it seriously. What I mean with taking it seriously is seeing your music career as a job which means sacrificing and working hard at it until you’ve reached the level of success. It could mean practising until late at night even when you are tired, or it could be working two jobs and working on your dream all at the same time.

Dream Big

No musicians have ever made it to success without dreaming big. Dreaming big means going after what you want and need in your life. A dream is not just a want, it’s a need, and it’s something that we cannot live without.

Going after our dream means putting in the work and dedicating yourself wholly even if it means having to sacrifice a few things in our life.

Why Choose The Guitar Over Other Instruments?

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The guitar is without question one of the most popular musical instruments to learn for people of all ages. Only the piano ranks consistently higher on lists sorted by popularity. But what exactly are the factors that sway people when choosing which instrument to learn?

Statistically speaking, there are a few surprising benefits that the guitar apparently beings, plus our own traditional views may play a part, even if we don’t realise it. There are also some straightforward, rational justifications for choosing the popular stringed instrument.

1) It’s easy to find a tutor

Guitar lessons are already among the most popular music lessons out there, so it makes sense for even more people to choose the same option. The choice and availability of tutors in your local area is likely to be quite good (for example, if you’re near the Scottish capital, we highly recommend the aptly-named Guitar Lessons in Edinburgh). For your peace of mind, you can always check that your potential teacher is registered with the RGT (Registry of Guitar Tutors).

2) It’s great for self-esteem

Bring a relatively easy instrument to learn, at least when you’re trying to pick up the basics, the guitar is a great example of something that can help you build your confidence. Setting your mind to learning a new skill and working towards a particular goal is always good for boosting self-esteem. Continue reading

Music License

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music license

Music and Society

Music is highly prevalent in society, and the demand continues to increase as we speak. The revenue for many global music companies has been consistent. Once you become successful, the returns normally have an estimation of millions or even billions.

Due to technical improvements, anyone can publish a song out on the internet and highly visited websites such as YouTube and Facebook. Once it’s open to a mass of audience, someone can simply take the credit for your music unless it is licensed. Eventually, musicians will need to know how to license their music to prevent further theft and duplication.

How it works

What does license music means and how does it work? Music licensing is for legally protecting your music for copyright. Therefore it helps musicians to own a copyright for their music. If anyone tries to claim your music, then you have the right for compensation. Licensing has three divisions; you can either license the composition, the songwriting or both. Continue reading

Music Synthesizer

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What is a Synthesizer?

A synthesizer is an electronic keyboard that came out in the 1970s. Back then musicians would often use a synthesizer to produce a pop record, however, in this century they are now widely used for many genres as they have become flexible over the years. They may look like just a keyboard, but they have more to them than you think. This unique device can play almost any instruments in the orchestra.

How does a synthesizer work?

A synthesizer functions by mimicking any types of acoustic sounds from drums, piano, violin, flutes and more. It contains a unique feature that can create and combine various sounds from scratch. It can also produce and record random effects like a footstep, voice, raindrop and so much more. The feature is the real reason why it was named a synthesizer, the word “Synthesize” means creating something new.

The sound works by plugging into an amplified speaker, then connecting it with a suitable synth software. The software is then used to produce and edit sounds. They are ideal for recording and looping. Continue reading

Keyboard for beginners

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Keyboards have similar features to a piano; the only difference is that they are more compact and inexpensive compared to a larger piano. Ideally, keyboards are most suitable for beginners. It is recommended to purchase a keyboard with 61 keys as they are more affordable and acceptable for learning.

When you’ve chosen your keyboard, you may want to consider other extra tools that will help your learning experience. Tools such as a metronome, a stand and sticky keyboard note can ease their experience. Having a metronome will teach you to master the rhythm, timing, and tempo while the stand is useful for when you want to play your keyboard anywhere, and you can even use it in your future performance. The keyboard notes will help you familiarise with the notes.

One of the most important thing you must have is determination, consistency, commitment, and motivation. Without having the right mindset then you are likely to give up along the way or even at the beginning. Always make some time to practise during the week and make sure it is consistent as this will help you progress faster. Continue reading

How to promote your music and gain fans

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Promoting your music is highly relevant if you want to be successful in the music industry. Many musicians or bands ask themselves how they can gain fans through their music? Firstly, they must learn the best and most effective methods of promoting themselves and their music.

At any point of your music career, whether you are starting out or already established, taking an action on improving your promotional skills will help your image and music in the long run. So the question is, what is the first step you should take? Before you take any actions, you must first follow the top three goals that will help you achieve success:


1. Ensure you get more people to check out your music.

2. When someone likes your music, don’t forget to ask them to support you. You can ask your fans to support you by watching you live, buy your music or purchase any of your merchandise products.

3. Turn your fans into fanatics who will share and tell everyone they know about you and your music.


Now that you have the three goals set out, you must associate them with your actions. Use your creativity when planning ideas on how you will achieve each goal. Being creative will help you find more ways and opportunities. I will now give you an example of action for each goal. Continue reading

5 Types of Guitars

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If you have a dream of playing a guitar, there are different types of guitars in the market you can learn how to play. The development of musical knowledge and technology has enhanced the development of different models of guitars that produce different types of sounds and can be used to play different genres of music. The development of the different kings of guitars has played a great role in revolution of music in all parts of the world. This article provides you with some of the most common types of guitars.

Nylon string guitar

This is one of the simplest types of guitar you can learn to play. Most people start with nylon string guitar because it is not only easy to play, but also more cost effective compared to many other types. It is made using a design that has a wide fret board that has the ability to accommodate your fingers that are not used to playing the guitar. In addition to this, the nylon strings are also easier to play on your fingertips that might be aching. They are great to learn with and you can turn to be a professional guitarist with it very fast. Continue reading

Types of Drums

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Since long ago, people have been actively involved in coming up with ways to devise new ways to keep up a beat. With the long history of percussive inventions there has been a wide range of drums you can choose from. Despite that most of the tradition drums were made using natural materials such as gourd, animal skin, or bones, most of the modern drums tend to be made using synthetic materials. Below are some of the major types of drums.


Kit drums

Kit drums are the most popular fixture found in jazz bands to garage bands. One of the most important parts of kit drums is the snare drum sometimes referred as sliced bread in the percussion world. This drum creates its sound by use of tightened strands of plastic or metal known as snares that is stretched along the bottom side of the drumhead. By use of a jazz brush or drumsticks, it is possible for you to create wide range of sounds on the snare including the popular drum roll. Other drum kits include the tom-tom which is a non snared artificial drum and the low pitched drumroll played by use of a pedal kickstand. Continue reading

Using Music Composition Software

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The development of technology has opened avenue to development of music software that helps in different function in music. One of the most commonly used one is music composition software. This is s software that has become popular among many musicians as it helps them in composing and writing music easily within a short time. This is unlike in the past when musicians would spend a lot of time as they try to compose songs. The music composition software has had great effects on musicians in different fields. It has been of great help both on creation side with music composers, publishers, arrangers and also on the consumption side with performers. Just like with the use of other software in other fields, the impact has been great.


At its best, music composition software must be invisible to those using it, just like a chisel is to sculptors. It should not cause any impediment to the intended expression that the creator wants to create. Great music composition software should have high level power and should be less complex. In addition, the software should be easy to use, fast and offer high level flexibility in order to work perfectly for any music composer. Continue reading