Why Choose The Guitar Over Other Instruments?

The guitar is without question one of the most popular musical instruments to learn for people of all ages. Only the piano ranks consistently higher on lists sorted by popularity. But what exactly are the factors that sway people when choosing which instrument to learn?

Statistically speaking, there are a few surprising benefits that the guitar apparently beings, plus our own traditional views may play a part, even if we don’t realise it. There are also some straightforward, rational justifications for choosing the popular stringed instrument.

1) It’s easy to find a tutor

Guitar lessons are already among the most popular music lessons out there, so it makes sense for even more people to choose the same option. The choice and availability of tutors in your local area is likely to be quite good (for example, if you’re near the Scottish capital, we highly recommend the aptly-named Guitar Lessons in Edinburgh). For your peace of mind, you can always check that your potential teacher is registered with the RGT (Registry of Guitar Tutors).

2) It’s great for self-esteem

Bring a relatively easy instrument to learn, at least when you’re trying to pick up the basics, the guitar is a great example of something that can help you build your confidence. Setting your mind to learning a new skill and working towards a particular goal is always good for boosting self-esteem.

3) It encourages other personal skills

Guitar practice has been linked to the development of various, possibly surprising, other skills. Communication is one of the main ones which is commonly associated with improving proficiency at playing the guitar, especially when working with a tutor or other musicians. You can also gain other transferable skills including coordination, concentration and even a better memory.

4) It’s emotionally healthy

Learning to play any musical instrument can help you to feel happier in general, but the guitar is one of the highest-ranked instruments for this area. Making guitar music may help you to feel more expressive of your emotions, and less stressed or anxious as a result.

5) It’s a highly versatile instrument

From a more musical perspective, choosing the guitar is usually advisable for people who appreciate a wide variety of different musical genres or aren’t sure what they would prefer to specialise in. Many different styles of music make use of guitars, so there will always be a place for a guitar player in the majority of bands. You may also find that the skills you learn while playing the guitar can make it easier to pick up skills with other instruments as required.

6) You can tell people you play guitar!

What’s a cooler instrument than the guitar? Trick question, the answer is nothing. Guitars never go out of style, so whenever you manage to slip the fact you play guitar into the conversation, a lot of people will find that at least slightly impressive. Some studies have actually linked guitar playing with attractiveness to potential partners!

Many more positive attributes and trends have been linked to guitar playing, with varying degrees of scientific proof. These include higher acceptance rates to medical school, better performance on intelligence tests and many more positive side effects.

Although we wouldn’t necessarily like to say what the cause and effect relationship may be in any of these cases, it’s fair to say that there is plenty of evidence to support the idea of at least trying out the guitar with a good tutor and seeing if it’s for you. It might be the best decision you ever made!

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