Major Types of Piano

The piano is one of the most popular instruments that is used for making music in many parts of the world. It comes in different shapes, styles, designs, sizes and shapes. With developments in the music industry, there are now many types of piano that are now available, and this means that it is a much more affordable instrument to purchase.

If you’re thinking of purchasing your own piano, some options to consider are vintage ones that can often be picked up from house clearances, online music instrument stores that specialise in new and used pianos and sites such as eBay and Preloved where you can pick up piano’s cheap or even free as long as you’re prepared to doing a little work to restore them.

Below are some of the major types of piano.


Digital piano

This is a type of a piano that is built into a cabinet with an entire 88 note keyboard, a small palette of sounds and has a metronome that is built in. There are also great recording features found in this piano.

Ensemble digital piano

This is a digital keyboard that has a wide selection of sounds with an automatic accompaniment part that is similar to that of a keyboard. It has a vast recording section that gives you an opportunity FOR composition and arrangements to take place. The piano provides you with a wide range of palette rhythms and sounds together with automatic accompaniments making it possible for you to play different styles of music.

Stage piano

Stage piano is similar to the digital piano, but does not have a cabinet. One of its benefits is that it is highly portable, meaning that if you want to move with it, it is possible to move with it around.

Vertical piano

It is known as vertical piano because of its great height and the ways the strings are positioned. The height ranges between thirty six to sixty inches. This is the most common type of piano because it is more affordable, produce warm sound and high level compactness. It costs less depending on the model. In general, the keyboard is the same and just like the grand piano it varies according to the material construction.

Grand piano

This is the largest type of piano and the most majestic one. Also referred as majestic piano, it can stretch up to four feet from front to back. Its soundboard is usually encased in an opening platform that is supportable. Its internal construction has form holders that are made of wood together with some metal reinforcements. The keys are made of wood that is coated in ivory and in some cases pure ivory depending on the manufacturer and its classification. The grand piano contains the standard 88 keys and has sheet music platforms. This piano produces finer tones and has the best responsive key action.

Electric piano

Electric piano is the best type for starters or moving performers. The piano lacks the qualities of an acoustic and differs in quality. Some contain hollow keys while others try replicating the acoustic keyboards. Electric piano has a variety of settings including guitar, organ, percussion, choir and sounds. This keyboard provides versatility because you can perform a lot of functions with it. The greatest benefit of this type of piano is that they have a professional look and made of good materials. It also has touch sensitive features and in some cases equipped frames. There are also some models with computer interactive computer abilities that make them great for playing different music genres and do not require any tuning.

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