Music Synthesizer



What is a Synthesizer?

A synthesizer is an electronic keyboard that came out in the 1970s. Back then musicians would often use a synthesizer to produce a pop record, however, in this century they are now widely used for many genres as they have become flexible over the years. They may look like just a keyboard, but they have more to them than you think. This unique device can play almost any instruments in the orchestra.

How does a synthesizer work?

A synthesizer functions by mimicking any types of acoustic sounds from drums, piano, violin, flutes and more. It contains a unique feature that can create and combine various sounds from scratch. It can also produce and record random effects like a footstep, voice, raindrop and so much more. The feature is the real reason why it was named a synthesizer, the word “Synthesize” means creating something new.

The sound works by plugging into an amplified speaker, then connecting it with a suitable synth software. The software is then used to produce and edit sounds. They are ideal for recording and looping.

What makes this instrument different from the rest?

It’s an electronic device that produces vibrations using an electrical signal. The waves can be modified or edited in many ways by speeding up, slowing down, looping and adding effects. You can play around with many sounds which you can’t do with other acoustic instruments.


The synthesizer is being developed even further as they are becoming the desired tool for many musicians. An example of an up to date version of Synth comes from a brand called Novation. The devices are becoming more efficient and have a higher sound quality which takes the music production to another level.

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