How to promote your music and gain fans



Promoting your music is highly relevant if you want to be successful in the music industry. Many musicians or bands ask themselves how they can gain fans through their music? Firstly, they must learn the best and most effective methods of promoting themselves and their music.

At any point of your music career, whether you are starting out or already established, taking an action on improving your promotional skills will help your image and music in the long run. So the question is, what is the first step you should take? Before you take any actions, you must first follow the top three goals that will help you achieve success:


1. Ensure you get more people to check out your music.

2. When someone likes your music, don’t forget to ask them to support you. You can ask your fans to support you by watching you live, buy your music or purchase any of your merchandise products.

3. Turn your fans into fanatics who will share and tell everyone they know about you and your music.


Now that you have the three goals set out, you must associate them with your actions. Use your creativity when planning ideas on how you will achieve each goal. Being creative will help you find more ways and opportunities. I will now give you an example of action for each goal.


Action to get more people to check out your music –

Instead of competing with your rivals, work with them by performing with musicians who are in the same genre. This way you are attracting your competitor’s fans to your music.

Action to get your fans to support you –

Many fans nowadays can simply download your music for free instead of buying your album. To get your fans to buy your albums, make sure you add an item that is unique and extraordinary. It has to be something they can’t obtain from downloading your music for free. The item can be a poster, a few VIP seats to your concert or anything creative.

Action to turn your fans into fanatics –

The key to this goal will be to improve your relationship with your fans. You can arrange a special event or meeting with your fans and engage with them on a higher level. During your event, you can even come up with more creative methods to actively engage with them.

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