Types of Drums

Since long ago, people have been actively involved in coming up with ways to devise new ways to keep up a beat. With the long history of percussive inventions there has been a wide range of drums you can choose from. Despite that most of the tradition drums were made using natural materials such as gourd, animal skin, or bones, most of the modern drums tend to be made using synthetic materials. Below are some of the major types of drums.


Kit drums

Kit drums are the most popular fixture found in jazz bands to garage bands. One of the most important parts of kit drums is the snare drum sometimes referred as sliced bread in the percussion world. This drum creates its sound by use of tightened strands of plastic or metal known as snares that is stretched along the bottom side of the drumhead. By use of a jazz brush or drumsticks, it is possible for you to create wide range of sounds on the snare including the popular drum roll. Other drum kits include the tom-tom which is a non snared artificial drum and the low pitched drumroll played by use of a pedal kickstand.

Hand drums

In case you have been to a drum circle, you must have heard of a thunderous, distinctive sound produced by hand drums. Just as its name they are played by use of the different parts of the hands such as thumbs, palms and finger. One of the most popular hand drum is djembe found in West Africa. Its size ranges from eleven to fourteen inches in diameter and almost twenty four inches in height. Its top is usually made of rawhead or other artificial material. Another major type of hand drum is doumbek used mostly in the Middle East. This type of drum has synthetic shell or fiberglass that produces a higher pitched, crisp sound. Other major types of hand drums include congas, hang drums, tablas and the bongos.

Oversize drums

These drums produce low pitched sounds and mostly used in driving the rhythm of different songs. The pitched bass and timpani drums are mostly found in orchestras and marching bands. They are the most common forms of oversize drum. There is another common type of oversize drum known as taiko used in Japanese traditional music. The drums are placed on wooden frames and are played on the ends using large drumstick known as bachi.

Other types of drums

There are many other types of drums you can choose many of which cannot be categorized as oversized, kit or hand drums. One type that is common used in Irish music is known as bodhran which is a frame drum sporting a round wooden body and a head made from goat skin. It is played using a stick known as tipper or beater. Despite that the pitch differs according to the frame size, most of bodhrans produce a low and thundering bass that helps in supporting the melody that is played by someone on the uilleann or fiddle pipes.

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